Touring Exhibitions

Several different exhibitions are being planned that will be available for tour during 2017 – 2019, that will travel in North America, Europe and Asia.

We have just completed the selection for the first exhibition:

What Goes Around, Comes Around:

Transforming Found Objects into Art

Here is a preview at:


The second exhibition will be

What Color is Your Dream.


With this exhibition we celebrate our common love of creativity and the planet, and share incredible arts and crafts projects that have made their way to the LandfillArt Collection from 22 different countries.

What Color is your Dream is a playful and learning exhibition for children about recycling and creativity with found objects.  60 artists and craftspeople from around the world have recycled and transformed discarded and abandoned hubcaps into unique and unusual works of art.

Most of all, the project shows how creativity is universal around the world and that everything can be transformed into original art. It shows how creativity is something that holds this earth together and brings us all closer.

This project will have a Kickstarter proposal beginning in March. Up until that time, we are offering on this website, a special discounted price for artists and other people interested in helping to support the project

The Kickstarter portion of the project includes two parts:

A set of 60 oversize cards for children to play a game that teaches about recycling from artists around the world. Each card has the image of the work of art from the LandfillArt collection on one side with the title of the artwork and the artist’s name; and the other side has brief information about the artist and their statement about recycling.

A companion guide will give instructions about how artists are using recycling and found objects to create works of art. The guide will show each of the 60 artworks, information on how the artist created the work (media, etc.) and other information about the artist Other items in the guide will be pages for coloring, and other project pages with ideas for recycling.

We are seeing more and more violence and hate spreading through the world. With all of the  horrifying events in the news, most of the time we never have a chance to recognize and focus on the beautiful things that are part of our extraordinary planet and artworks that are being created by a community united for a common goal. The project highlights the creativity and positive transformation that is changing the world, and teaches how recycling is an important way to contribute to this transformation.

The planet is becoming a world of black or white – we want to turn it into a world of many colors as the artist sees it.

Images of the exhibition and the order form for advance orders for the cards and companion guide are available  here


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