Order catalogue: On the Road Again

The Exhibition Catalogue for the On the Road Again is now in production.

This fully illustrated catalogue of the exhibition will be approximately 90-110 pages, softbound.

Help us by “seed”  funding  it and you will receive a free copy when it is completed.

The catalogue will elaborate on the theme of “America’s Love Affair with the Automobile”  and how the automobile not only transformed society of the era, but also became a symbol in American popular culture.

Throughout the catalogue are interesting quotations – putting the theme of the exhibition in context.  It will also give the story of the LandfillArt collection and how the artists came together as a community to support the creative reuse of the earth”s resources, and how they explored the potential of re-using materials – in their hands, workroom scraps, broken dishes, and even recycled paint became art.

Each of the 80 works of art will be illustrated and next to it will be the artist’s statement   In the second part of the catalogue, “About the Artists” will provide biographical information about each of the artists.

Order one or more copies of the exhibition catalogue:  What Goes Around Comes Around.

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Your copy (copies) will be sent to you when they are printed at no extra charge.

Note:  if the payment button doesn’t work by taking you to the payment page — sometimes it is temperamental !    send a quick email to  s.howarth@earthlink.net   and tell me how many copies you wish to order and I’ll generate a direct invoice from paypal  that you can pay from.

Thank you for your order !

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