A Dangerous Game


Today, you cannot help but be moved and affected by the shocking tragedies that have been appearing daily in the news.  The earthquake and environmental catastrophes, along with the continuing human tragedies coming from the Middle East and Africa have reached staggering proportions.

As we have been selecting some of the recycled hubcap artworks from the Landfillart Collection for the upcoming series of exhibitions, certain ones have been especially thought-provoking.

The artists that have contributed to this collection come from every one of the 50 states in the US and  nearly 50 countries.

This extraordinary artwork created by Aida Vosoughi from Iran is especially perceptive and profound

You Were Born & Stuck In The Middle Of A Dangerous Game…Yes! It’s Just A Game! But We Are Sorry To Inform You…You Are The Only Real Object There!!

“I am always dealing VosoughiAida-500with environmental issues and worry about the future of our polluted planet; because we have just one Earth and it is the trust of future generations.

I have a sense of duty to do something for it and the Landfillart Project is a gate to respect it. I am also dealing with events that these days happened in my hometown and as an artist think to the ways I can reflect it to the international audiences and again Landfillart is a true way.  Aida Vosoughi

Aida was born in 1982 in Tehran, Iran. She received a Diploma in fine art in 2001, and a BA in painting in 2005.  She participated in 11 group exhibitions from 1997-2008 in galleries in Tehran, and is a Member of SIP  (The Society of Iranian Painters) cooperating in theater (custom & scene designer).      She has also done research on contemporary art since 2007.

Another one of Aida’s beautiful artworks, The Game! can be seen at:

“I am interested in comparing my personal ideas with social examples to find similarity and/or differences. Since our individual mentality and manner in life is a sample of the big society we live in, huge paradoxes in our minds represent huge paradoxes in real world.  So I am trying to create individual icons to express them as much as I can,also the materials and visual elements that I am using depend on my subject of interest and with them I try to achieve the best way possible to explain my vision and thoughts.”

Her hubcap artwork will be included in the upcoming international exhibition of about 150 of the artworks from the LandfillArt Collection that will tour in Europe and Asia during 2016 – 2018