Endangered: Our Oceans


The continuing tragedy of the pollution and destruction of our oceans is being ignored by much of the world’s population – particularly in the United States.

It is an ongoing concern of many of our LandfillArt artists and they are bringing attention to the unfolding tragedy through their art by creating moving images using recycled materials.  Here are the statements of six of these artists.


Untitled, by Alek Krylow, Denmark

Krylow_Alek-500In a world where it is easier to throw away than repair it is refreshing to take part in an enterprise where the idea is to reuse a discarded item as a painting canvas instead of allowing it to pollute the environment. “ Alek Krylow

Alek Krylow grew up in England, in a Polish family. He has been drawing since childhood. Alek was educated as a biologist in England. On moving to Denmark in 1980, he began illustrating biology books, later began teaching watercolor painting. In the last 25 years, Alex has taught watercolor and drawing techniques and has produced 18 watercolor teaching videos in Danish. He has recently published a book on watercolor techniques.

Mercury Man, by Dick Dahl


Dirk is a self-taught artist from Washington state. He has been creating art in various forms throughout his life, exploring different mediums and techniques. Dirk works in ceramics creating and teaching the making of Face Jugs in his studio in North Seattle.

After my family and I were watching a documentary on islands of floating trash in the open sea… This project came to my attention and I was instantly compelled to connect with my roots, creating beauty or art out of discarded items. ”

Jelly Fish, by Virginia Mallon

Jelly Fish, by Virginia Mallon


Virginia’s home town of Crab Meadow, which is located on the Northshore of Long Island was hit by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which inspired her to launch two projects, the first project, “Washed in on the Salt” is about catastrophic weather related events. The second project titled, “Out is a Place” comments on what is taken away, as well as on what is discarded, thrown out, tossed aside without the conscious awareness that out is a place. These projects resulted in a collection of lost and found items that represent the precarious balance between man and his environment, and the lack of value placed on disposable possessions.

I am a painter, photographer and blogger with a focus on both human and environmental subjects. In my work I hope to illustrate the juxtaposition man and nature while paralleling the strengths and vulnerabilities of each.” Virginia Mallon

Virginia was educated at Forest Park School of Art, Woodhaven, New York- with Indian Space artist Robert Barrell Queens College, City University of New York, Flushing New York. Her work has been shown in many solo, group and juried exhibitions throughout the East Coast and Italy.


Portal to the Sea, by Becky Luth 


British Columbia, Canada

I love being in the ocean and value any efforts to keep it clean, so we can continue to enjoy its magic!” Becky Luth

Most of Becky’s art is related to the ocean and has been inspired by her travels and experiences surfing, diving, snorkeling and exploring the beaches and tide pools. Her latest focus has been surf art which is her expression of thankfulness to our creator who designed the waves and gave us the ability to ride them for our enjoyment!

Her website is at: www.bekisart.com


Metal Hubcap Fish, by Ptolemy Elrington,

Brighton, UK

ElringtonPtolemy-500“Ken Marques’ project looks like a very positive approach to encourage ethical awareness through art and recycling. These are strongly relevant values in the nature of my work and I not only think it’s appropriate for my work to be included, it’s an honor to be a small part of this.” Ptolemy Elrington

Ptolemy, from Brighton, in the UK, has been a professional sculptor for 10 years. He works in recycled materials with regenerative eco aware theme inherent in his work. His work has been shown in numerous venues in London and the surrounding area, as well as Ireland and Greece.

His website is at: www.hubcapcreatures.com


The Salmon Of Knowledge, by Orla Hilton



Limerick, Ireland

“I like the idea of making art from objects that are found. Especially when they are objects that had a previous life and use.” Orla Hilton

Orla was born and raised in Limerick, on the river Shannon. She loved to watch as her dad used to row down it when she was a child, and loved to watch the fishermen and women standing on the bridge watching and waiting.
















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