Celebrate Valentines Day!

Shepherd_Lindsay-500To celebrate, we wanted to feature some of the ligh-hearted works from the LandfillArt Collection.  all with themes of love!


by Lindsay Shepherd
Nashville, Tennessee
Lindsay, a Nashville, Tennessee native collage artist strives to create bright and wondrous dreamscapes that evoke the imagination. Her work is playful, positive and friendly. Lindsay is the owner and operator of her studio, Shepherd’s Dreamland, in Tennessee. “I thought this project would be a fun and an interesting challenge. I was excited to participate in a worldwide artist reclamation project.”



Freeway Of Love

By Stacy Wills
Canton, Mississippi
“When I discovered my canvas was a Cadillac hubcap, Aretha Franklin’s song Freeway of Love came to mind. This song became my inspiration and I painted the whole thing pink… [I let my mandala] speak to me and tell me what it wanted to be…..



Queen of Hearts

by Michelle Allee
Pass Christian, Mississippi
“It is always a thrill for me to find beauty in discarded items. Taking “trash-to-treasure” is truly art in its most basic form. If we all look through rose colored glasses and manage to find real beauty in our discards, then managing to incorporate these parts into our lives, we would have more art and fewer landfills.”

King of Hearts, by Teal Buehler, Bend, Oregon



Buick Baby

by Jacque Parsley
Louisville, Kentucky
“I like to combine disparate imagery with old, new and personal items to create parables about the human condition. I have been using found objects, recycled and discarded materials for forty years and I am thrilled to be a part of this project.” Jacque Parsley



Love Bug Hub

by Evelyn And Alvin Jacobs
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
Alvin is a retired math teacher with 58 years of College and High School experience. Since retiring he has found a new interest in drawing and painting. Evelyn is a pianist and dancer. Her hobby had been drawing, painting and collage. Her husband and her have been married for 58 years.
“The idea of transforming a hubcap into a work of art intrigues us. However, painting was not out expertise. When we saw the funny ‘LOVE’ music box that played the song ‘LOVE’ while the letters danced, a light bulb when on. We decided to use the hubcap as a base for the music box and 2 chrome dessert dishes as a pedestal, and then trimmed it with netting and beads from broke necklaces. ‘LUV BUG HUB’ was made entirely from recycled material. We had so much fun creating it!”


Chit Chat

by Jan Hurst
Jeffersonville, Indiana

Jan has been a calligrapher since 1978 and now does wedding calligraphy. She also paints with acrylics and mixed media and loves to work on collage. Jan enjoys reusing paper in collage and making handmade books.
“I wanted to recycle and thought it was an interesting project.”